Brave people are afraid. They act in spite of their fear because to not act is worse than what they fear.


New Year, Same Me but Different

It's been a while. Let's get reacquainted, shall we? As you probably know, being a return visitor or maybe just an observant newcomer, I'm a writer. For a long time, I loved to write. Then, for a while, I loved to write and I had ambitions. Then, I just had ambition and well--I found it … Continue reading New Year, Same Me but Different


Jen Haeger interviewed me for her blog. I recognized her name from other Midwest conventions but didn't have the pleasure of meeting her until  this past February at CapriCon in Chicago. She's the author of Moonlight Medicine, a paranormal romance trilogy about a werewolf and his veterinarian lover. Read the interview here.

Interview with Josh Strnad, editor of Silent Screams

Update: Silent Screams is available at Amazon as a paperback or Kindle download. *** I had some time to talk to Josh Strnad about his first anthology, Silent Screams, coming out from his new imprint, Serpent and Dove Speculative Fiction, the power that fiction can have, and work life balance. *** Chimerical Dark: Hi Josh, … Continue reading Interview with Josh Strnad, editor of Silent Screams

Silent Screams Coming Soon

Silent Screams is the first anthology published by Serpent & Dove Speculative Fiction, coming late October. The editor, Josh Strnad, intends the anthology to raise awareness for real-world victims and tragedies. D. Morgan Ballmer—Float Helen Cattan-Prugl—The Lady on the Billboard Joseph Aitken—The Manitou in Me Justin Hunter—Soul Returning Steve DuBois—A Boy and a Soldier Garth … Continue reading Silent Screams Coming Soon