An experiment in publishing

Rather than talk about how I developed this story from an idea I jotted in my notebook under the working title, "Mirror Mad," I'm going to go through the thought process behind my decision to publish this story on Kindle myself, and what that process was actually like.

“Running with zombies,” without the warm up

I wrote "Running with Zombies" completely from the hip. In other words, I didn't do any notebook work for it, which is weird for me. In the age old debate between pantsers and planners, I put myself squarely halfway between pantsers and planners, haha. I don't plot out every single detail about my plot before … Continue reading “Running with zombies,” without the warm up

Clean Freak, the Beginning

            It all started while I was cleaning my bathroom. Cleaning is a rather meditative activity for me. Not to say I enjoy it. Contrary to what one reviewer postulated about me, I am not really a clean freak myself. However, I do like the chance to let my mind wander and the repetitive motion … Continue reading Clean Freak, the Beginning

Shower’s Pass Atlas Jacket, review

The Product: A Shower's Pass Atlas Jacket, medium, bought in mid- to late winter of 2019. What it's supposed to do: From Shower's Pass' website: For the world traveller, year-round commuter, and outdoor enthusiast; the Atlas Jacket is optimized for those who demand visibility without compromising comfort or style. The unique MapReflect fabric design consists … Continue reading Shower’s Pass Atlas Jacket, review


Jen Haeger interviewed me for her blog. I recognized her name from other Midwest conventions but didn't have the pleasure of meeting her until  this past February at CapriCon in Chicago. She's the author of Moonlight Medicine, a paranormal romance trilogy about a werewolf and his veterinarian lover. Read the interview here.

Interview with Josh Strnad, editor of Silent Screams

Update: Silent Screams is available at Amazon as a paperback or Kindle download. *** I had some time to talk to Josh Strnad about his first anthology, Silent Screams, coming out from his new imprint, Serpent and Dove Speculative Fiction, the power that fiction can have, and work life balance. *** Chimerical Dark: Hi Josh, … Continue reading Interview with Josh Strnad, editor of Silent Screams