Silent Screams Coming Soon

silent-screams-coverSilent Screams is the first anthology published by Serpent & Dove Speculative Fiction, coming late October. The editor, Josh Strnad, intends the anthology to raise awareness for real-world victims and tragedies.

D. Morgan Ballmer—Float

Helen Cattan-Prugl—The Lady on the Billboard

Joseph Aitken—The Manitou in Me

Justin Hunter—Soul Returning

Steve DuBois—A Boy and a Soldier

Garth Upshaw—Franks

Janie Baran—Unsafe House

Sean M. Davis—Mrs. Leary’s Home for the Living Impaired

Aurora Torchia—Moretta

James Van Pelt—The Heated Door

Kevin Bannigan Jr.—Finding Ourselves

Stephen S. Power—A Presentation to the Imperial Society of Mancers

Rachel Olson—The Maiden with Clockwork Hands

Rebecca Birch—Her Secret Thorns

Erin Cairns—Mimic

Kristin Janz—Children of Cronus

Bob Macumber—The Sculptors

Igor Teper—The Untelepathic Man

Chantal Boudreau—Hand

Shane Simmons—Raw

Jeff B. Skinner—I Am Fading

Thomas Canfield—The Engines of War

Barry Rosenberg—Dr. Priority

Lisa Morton—Down But Not Out at the End of the World

Andrew M. Seddon—Tyrant’s Fall

Frederic Obermeyer—The Words That Bite

All stories are accompanied by original artwork by Emory Watts.


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