Penguicon 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, mostly because I’ve been busy working on things to be able to post about. I’m going to start with Penguicon 2016!


Yes! I am back at Penguicon, one of my favorite weekends of the year. Here’s my schedule as of right now. Although I haven’t been given a reading slot yet, rest assured I will be somewhere, sometime.

Speculative Poetry Starter Kit:Who to read, where to look and exactly what the heck IS speculative poetry.  Speakers include: Jim Leach, Sean M Davis – Friday April 29, 9p Executive Meeting Center IV

Speak Your Words: We are all made of stories and sharing them can be powerful and life changing. Come and share our version of an open mic night. Bring your poetry, personal manifesto, or short-short story.  Speakers include: Jim Leach, Matt Betts, Sean M Davis, Jessica Roland – Saturday April 30, 8p Executive Meeting Center IV

Self Editing Tools: Before you expose your precious words to others, you want them to look their best. Clif will discuss a few of the off-the-shelf tools for grammar checking your work with emphasis on checkIt, a tool written by a writer for writers to make their prose stronger.  Speakers include: Clif Flynt, Sean M Davis – Sunday May 1, 12p Algonquin D


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