Reading in Traverse City

Horizon BooksOn October 24, I had the great pleasure of doing a group reading with some of my fellow Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers.

I read two unpublished poems, “The Leaf Pile Monster,” which is a Shel Silverstein-style poem about the dangers of raking leaves, and “The Moment Before,” which is a tie-in poem to Clean Freak.

Shad Kelly read “Sounds the Trumpet” from Erie Tales: 666.

Cassie Carnage read “Cancer’s Requiem,” which will be available in an upcoming anthology that will be released in November. The current working title for it is “Nightmares and Demons.” Cassie is the editor-in-chief of, and the producer and writer of the Carnage Cove podcast. Her debut horror science fiction novel, “Symbiosis” will be available at the end of October.

Peggy Christie read “We Were Here First” from Erie Tales VII and “Too Soon” from her collection, Hell Hath No Fury (currently out of print).

Montilee Stormer read “Bloody Run” from Erie Tales IV, which is collected along with Vol. I – III in Erie Tales: Omnibus, “Lost … If Found” (unpublished), and “Who’s There” from the upcoming Quick Shivers, #4, expected in 2016.

David C. Hayes read a chapter from his novel, Keeping Molly, available from Splatter Theatre Press.

Michael Cieslak stole the show, reading “Greetings of the Season,” an audio story released by Nightmare Fuel 2: Silent Nightmares (currently unavailable). You can visit him at


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