Appearances at Penguicon 2014

This weekend, May 2-4, I’ll be at Penguicon. Here’s their cool trailer.

I’ll be presenting on several panels with some cool authors. Here’s my schedule:

Friday, May 2:
6p, The Hidden Subgenres
The number of genres into which Speculative Fiction may be divided approaches infinity. Most are familiar with Hard Sci-Fi, the Space Opera, and Urban Fantasy. There are also lesser known sub-genres like Bizarro Fiction that fall in the SFF spectrum. How would you define Bizarro Fiction? What are the must reads in this field?
Speakers include: Jim Leach, Sean M. Davis

Saturday, May 3:
11a, Digging up the Same Old Ground
Are there any new stories left, or is everything just a retread of an old idea? What is a retread, and what is a legitimately new angle?
Speakers include: Sean M. Davis, Ferrett Steinmetz, Nicole Castle, Jon David

2p, When Did We Get Cool? The Explosion of SFF on Screen
In a world where some of the most watched shows deal with SFF themes or have been adapted from SFF material (Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, The Avengers et. al.) where does the line get drawn? Why is it suddenly acceptable for the SFF genre to be viewed? Has this translated over to the written word? Side question: why has mystery always been more or less accepted but SFF is a more recent explosion?
Speakers include: Ernie Cline, Sean M. Davis, Michael Cieslak, Nicole Castle, Jim Leach, John Scalzi

5p, Line? What Line? Taboos in Speculative Fiction
Incest, rape, children as warriors, the wholesale slaughter of children… there are many distasteful acts which are performed in speculative fiction. Is there anything which is still off limits, or can anything be used as a plot device so long as it is germane to the story?
Speakers include: Ken MacGreggor, Sean M. Davis, Ferrett Steinmetz, Nicole Castle

6p, Obligatory Undead Panel: Is Undead Dead?
Shoot ’em in the head, stake ’em through the heart, the good old silver bullet…it doesn’t matter, the undead keep coming back. Have zombies, vampires, and werewolves finally run their course or do these creatures still have legs? Is there a division between genre fans who have grown tired of these creatures just as they’re taking off in the general public?
Speakers include: Mary Lynne Gibbs, Michael Cieslak, Sean M. Davis, Ken MacGreggor

Sunday, May 4:
2p, Author Readings
Come see me and all the other talented authors attending Penguicon read.

It will be a great time and I’m looking forward to it.


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