Best of Dark Eclipse and more!

On Thursday, Dark Moon Books released its first ever Best of Dark Eclipse anthologizing the best stories, flash fiction, poetry and articles from over a year and a half of Dark Eclipse, DMB’s monthly e-magazine. I’m in there twice: a flash fiction story, “I Dare You,” about four boys, a dead body, and some wasps; and an article, “Cold and Silent,” my analysis of the song “Nothing to Gein” by Mudvayne, about serial killer and grave robber Ed Gein.
Here are some sentence-excerpts to whet your appetite:
She was waiting for him, her lips parted and curled up in a maybe smile, sores like volcanoes oozing blood and pus dotting her arms and legs. -I Dare You
Pause for a moment, and savor the phonetic brutality of a word like ‘mutilate.’ -Cold and Silent
Best of Dark Eclipse is free on Amazon until Tuesday, but it’s free on DMB’s blog forever. Get your copy here!
On Wednesday, I finished first round edits for Clean Freak, which will be released by Black Bed Sheet Books this summer in time for World Horror Convention 2013 in New Orleans. I’ve applied for a reading slot, which would be awesome if I got it. Look for sentence excerpts soon!
Tonight, I read over and approved the proof of my story, “That Neighbor Dog,” which will be in the next issue of Bete Noire. More details to come!


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