The Last Thing I Read: On Writing Horror by Members of the Horror Writer’s Association

It was the serendipitous inersection of a book bought for me for Christmas that I already had and a Borders Books that was closing and liquidating all its stock. Poking through the picked-over racks, On Writing Horror literally stared me in the face.

This book is a must have for anyone who fancies themselves a horror writer. The articles are written both intelligently and clearly. Some of the resources and markets may have changed (after all, this book was last revised in 2005, and things move quickly these days), but you’re at least provided a starting point. For example, I was interested in the Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers’ Workshop offered at Michigan State that Tom Monteleone, a name I know from Cemetery Dance Magazine, mentioned in his article, “Workshops of Horror.” After entering the web address Mr. Monteleone provided and finding that it didn’t exist, I searched the Clarion SF&F Writers’ Workshop and found that sometime in the last five years, it’s moved out to UC San Diego.

Despite this singular flaw, On Writing Horror should be on your bookshelves, but only after being read, re-read, highlighted, scribbled in, dog-eared and any other abuses that would evidence its status as an invaluable book.


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