The Last Book I Read: Why We Suck by Dr. Denis Leary

This is one of the most pressing questions facing America and Americans today. Denis Leary asks the question and, by examining  his personal history, current news and popular culture, he comes up with several different ways in which we just flat out suck. In the introduction, he tells you to put the book down, because he will probably offend you at some point. I’d have to say that it’s almost guaranteed. But the best part about that is that provides an opportunity (if you’re of the inclination) to ask yourself why you’re offended, read a differing opinion and clarify your own understanding of yourself, others or the world at large.

Like a good doctor should, Dr. Leary not only tells you what’s wrong, he gives you straight-forward advice to suck less, or even, hopefully, become suck-free.


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