Pink Lemonade entered into Fangoria’s Weird Words Contest

Well, everything was going according to plan. I’d finished writing “The Girl I Hugged” late last week, which would give me the weekend to edit it down from its 4200 words to the 3000 maximum of the contest. Cutting is always hard for me, but after considering the story sentence by sentence and cutting some extraneous paragraghs, I cut 700 words, but still not enough for the story to fall within the rules of the contest. Rather than cut deeper, which would have affected the story, I decided that I would rather use “The Girl I Hugged” somewhere that I could submit it in its intended form. For Fangoria’s Weird Words Contest, I decided to enter Pink Lemonade,” which was already fewer than 3000 words, and a pretty solid story. Because of this, I’ve removed the excerpt of “Pink Lemonade” for now. I’m not sure what the timeline is for the contest, but I hope to report some good news soon.


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