A new excerpt and a new project

I have been unfortunately lax about updating my site. However, it’s because I’ve been busy working on stuff.

This summer I put the finishing touches on a new story, “Dashboard Jesus.” You can read an excerpt of it, and others, by following the links to the right.

I’ve also started a new longer writing project, entitled “Clean Freak.” The idea came to me one day while cleaning my bathtub. The initial idea came together very quickly, almost as if I already knew the story. I’ve been adding to it and developing it. I’m also undertaking this new project using a new method. I’ve always written on my computer, except for my notes. But with “Clean Freak,” I’m writing everything out long-hand, then transcribing. I’ve avoided writing long-hand for the last decade, mostly because I’ve always felt that I could work faster if I was typing (which is true in a way; I type like a mad fiend). However, I wrote some character thoughts out long-hand, switched to third person narration in the middle of it and, except for the janky transition from first to third person, it came out pretty clean. I wrote some more notes, then wrote another paragraph that was going to be character thoughts that I thought was good enough to include in the opening chapter. Taking the time to write long-hand has given me a more intimate connection with my characters that I’m digging.

Work with the Wayne Literary Review marches forward. My fellow editors and the authors we’ve been working with have been fantastic. Final versions of things are being turned in to me, which leaves me with the task of piecing everything together. I’m looking forward to seeing it in print, which will probably in January or February, hopefully no later.

That’s more or less it for right now, except that my next step in updating my site is to include links to all the magazines that I read and submit to. Look for those soon.


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