News May 15, 2010

After years of hard work, I am proud to say that I have graduated with my Bachelor’s of English from Wayne State University. Not only that, but I received a couple more awards as well. My essay, Meaning and Form in ‘Denial’, which is my essay disseminating the intersection of spiritual malaise and physical reality in George Herbert’s poem, Denial, won First Place in the Tompkins Writing Competition in the Essay category. My poem, Urban Numerals and a Dark Sense of Humor, my poem meditating on urban decay and suburban hipster culture, won an Honorable Mention in the John Clare Poetry Competition. In addition to those awards, I’ve also managed another four point, which puts me on the Dean’s List five semesters in a row. Also, my story, First Word, a psychological story about domestic abuse and it’s far-reaching consequences, has been published in the Wayne Lit Review 2010. As if that weren’t enough, I’ve also been named Senior Ediotr of the Wayne Lit Review for the 2010-2011 year.

I’ve been a busy man. I’ve also never been happier.

Over the next month or so, I’ll be making some changes to my site reflecting a new orginizational style. The main page (which you’re on) will be reserved for News, which will be updated at least once a month depending on what’s going. I’ve got a new game plan for how I am going to pursue my writing career, which will include public readings of my fiction and poetry, so look for appearance dates. I’m moving all of my musing articles on writing and the writing lifestyle to separate pages, which will be found under the article’s title. I will also be posting several excerpts from my range of work, so look for these soon.

All of this is very exciting. I’m happy to be done with school and getting back to work.


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